Azure Serial Console

Is your Azure VM behaving crazy ? Azure Serial console to the rescue One of the benefits of been an explorer is been able to try out new things or even old ones without any fear of loosing real data, but what happens when you...

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Cutting down your Azure Spend

One of
the challenges I had starting this article was how to present this in text. I
may need to do a video/screencast inorder to do justice to this,  I’m assuming you already have a number of
resources on Azure. Later on I will share another article on how to get the
best value for money before creating a new resource on Azure. Please bear in
mind the suggestions shared here are actions I carried out to reduce my Azure
spend and remain my personal recommendations.

My first
question, How many App service (Azure App Service Plan is the container for
hosting Web Apps, API Apps, Mobile Apps and Function Apps) do you have within
your current subscription ?

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Hello world Again!

Welcome to my blog. I decided to give this a try one more time, i once had a blog and shut it down after running it for over a year and some months if i’m not mistaking. This time i plan to blog once a...

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