Azure Serial Console

Is your Azure VM behaving crazy ? Azure Serial console to the rescue

One of the benefits of been an explorer is been able to try out new things or even old ones without any fear of loosing real data, but what happens when you have real data and for one reason or the other the system or application that you’re used to starts malfunctioning. This could be scary and intimidating at the same time.

I was playing around with an azure virtual machine over the weekend and made some edits to the network adapter, only for me to loose rdp connection to the vm. Before you curify me that I shouldn’t be using rdp of that, I know but you can’t take away some habits that you’re used to easily. Here is a link on Just in Time access for rdp connection

I’m not a network guy, I have limited knowledge on that. Thou I attended a few CCNA classes some years back and got bored after the second class, no pun intended my networking friends. I couldn’t handle having a switch work well by 5:00 and then start acting up 5:05 because of a dns resolution issue.

Back to Azure, I messed things up so badly that I couldn’t even see the sign-in page whenever I tried accessing the VM via rdp. Luckily I used the boot diagnostics on azure portal , I was able to see that my VM was running and saw a snapshut of the lock screen. here is a link to boot diagnostics( 

Thanks to Serial console I was able to gain access to the vm, and I was able to reset the adapter configuration.

You can check-out more on Azure Serial console from the documentation here

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