Hello world Again!

Welcome to my blog. I decided to give this a try one more time, i once had a blog and shut it down after running it for over a year and some months if i’m not mistaking.

This time i plan to blog once a week and will try to publish on Mondays, i also plan to use this blog as a home to all resources i will be sharing moving forward. This is also a way for me to pay it forward, i have learnt a lot from the internet doing a lot of things on trial, failing fast and the internet was there to help me on several occasions.

A couple of times i will refer people to my blog if one person ask a question and i feel the answer will be beneficial to a number of other people, i will blog about it. A Big thank you to Scott Hanselman (Site Link), thanks for always sharing.

Thanks for stopping by, your comments and contributions on how to blog, writing style, how you have been able to share your knowledge and all will be appreciated.

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